Welcome to the Voice-Over World


''You  have a marvellous Voice…Have you ever considered a career in voice  Work?'' Don't be fooled, there's more to it than that. You need acting  ability and must know how to internalize a read to bring it to life. You  must also have the ability to create, visualize, use breath control,  microphone technique and timing which are all essential tools in  voice-over work. 

In  conclusion, remember voice work can pay well and be fun. You don't need  to be an actor but you need acting ability. You don't have to have a  deep and awesome voice, everyone's voice is unique. However, not every  voice is suitable for voice-over work. Diction, pronunciation,  articulation, clarity, Modulation and inflection must be taken Into  account.  

To sum it all up, you need To learn the ''Tools of the Trade" and to practice them regularly. So get started, and achieve that voice-over excellence. 


The Ultimate Voice-Over Workshop - Level One


Level 1  teaches in depth the fundamental tool's and the basics of Voice-over  work. This workshop is geared towards the individual with little or no  experience in the voice-over industry. 

- Introduction to voice-over's / Styles of demo tapes / Vocal  
- Basic process / Script Breakdown / Internalizing the read
- Vocal elements and refinements / Character development /
- Marketing & packaging / The Audition 

The Ultimate Voice-Over Workshop - Level Two

Level II teaches in depth practical exercises focusing on technique and style. This workshop is geared towards the individual with previous voice-over experience and will apply the tool's taught in level 1.

- Vocal warm-up / Script breakdown practice
- Copy interpretation advanced / Types of reads / Styles of
- Studio audition \ Timing / Improvisation situation
- Character development \ Animation / Multiple audition 

The Ultimate Animation/Character Development Workshop


This workshop teaches  in depth practical exercises and the fundamental tool's to create  characters for animation work. This workshop is geared towards the  individual who wants to explore and develop characters. Welcome to a day  of play. 

    - Vocal warm-up / Exploration exercise / Mirror exercise  Voice
- Voice identification / Objects/ Animals / Pictures and Bio's
- Character development / Animation script recording 


 I learned more in that one weekend than I did with months of trying to research the voice over industry on my own. The workshops taught me everything I wanted to know about voice overs without even knowing what I wanted to ask.

Jennifer D. - Actor


 I thank you for helping me get to where I am and believing in my ability to go further than I imagined.

Valerie H. – Radio Artist


  Claudelle is one of the most innovative and important voice-over teachers in the industry. Since taking sessions with her I've done major spots including Loto 649 and JTI-Macdonald to name a few. She has helped me on the road to a rewarding voice over career.

Bill Chambers - Actor