Language and Reading Skills Workshops

Workshop Objective: 

      This workshop was specifically created to help individuals achieve proper English enunciation, made easy.  It is designed to help the individual understand how different parts of our bodies play the most important role in producing sounds such as the letters of the alphabet and how words are formed with combining both consonants and vowels, but made easy for everyone to learn.

     Through the use of  proper breathing technique, articulation exercises, fun interactive exercises and role playing, the individual will be equipped with important voice enunciation tools that will help to reduce their accent and build confidence when speaking or reading. 

Teaching Mode

     A very interactive workshop to demonstrate how sound is produced and which organs are used to produce sound using visual diagrams and exercises to learn, guiding students through a series of hands on vocal warmups and articulation exercises for  delivery of speech. Easy Alphabet , vowel and consonants sounds and phonemes.


     This workshop is designed for Newcomers, individuals with English as a second language and anyone who  needs to improve on English enunciation and pronunciation .With over 15 years of experience as a member of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Arts (ACTRA), the Canadian Actor’s Equity Association as well as a member of the Toronto Association of Acting Studios (TAAS) in Toronto as a voice-over, acting and business presentation coach, I  provide a unique coaching approach and style using some of my useful acting exercises that will ensure improved results. Let me bring out the best in you. “You already have it in you, to Present with Passion.

Course Duration and Location

     The course can take place days or evenings, your choice.  One on one consultations are also available between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday to Friday  by prior arrangement.  Evenings and weekends may be accommodated.
     Currently I am accepting clients within the Greater Toronto Area only . I would be delighted to discuss your personal needs with you and I can be reached at 416-289-7089 or by email at

     Read with Confidence was designed to help individuals enhance their reading skills by applying unique tools and techniques, breathing exercises and cold reading exercises to ensure strong flowing reads and to provide the knowledge to help the student master the “Art of Reading”

 “You have it in you, to read with passion"  ©2014

     This program is designed to improve reading skills, using my own unique teaching techniques to guarantee results for clients and students so they can become strong avid and confident readers. It will consist of the following:
* proper breath control exercises and how it is applied in reads
* how to make your read sound effortless and read like a pro
* use of vocal elements, working with fluctuation and pauses             
* using vocal techniques to add to reading
* emphasizing words
* cold reading technique

Rates and Fees

My current rate for one on one coaching is $65 per hour

If you are a registered non-profit organization you may qualify for discounted individual and group rates

Corporate or group packages are also negotiable to my discretion

Thank you very much for teaching me a unique way for speaking which we might not learn from other classes. The workshop is very helpful to me, especially the way of respiration and the warm-up session. I will highly recommend the workshop to others who really want to ijmprove their spoken english.

Nicholas Kwok - Student

I have used Claudelle's services and have found the experience to be positive and enabling.  She has a very upbeat and open approach in guiding you to find confidence in your knowledge and thereby enabling you to be the presenter you want to be.  I would highly recommend Claudelle's workshops.

Cathy Gonsalves , Nutritionalist

Claudelle is wonderful to work with.  I no longer feel intimidated when speaking in front of  a group of my peers. I now stay focused on my presentation and not the things that are distracting.

Greg F., I.T. Administrator

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